About Dominance MMA

Based out of New York City, Dominance MMA Management is one of the most reputable and prominent management company in the business. With 15 years of experience in the mixed martial arts industry; we have structured a faculty who exhibits efficiency and has established a family atmosphere at the workplace. President, Narwan Ghiasi and Vice President Yalda Odetalla take pride in the company's accomplishments.

Dominance started out with a hand full of clients and then flourished into one of the top MMA management companies. With contacts throughout the MMA industry, Dominance MMA Management is proud of the relationships built thus far. Dominance is growing everyday - building more relationships, securing bigger and better contracts and earning more sponsorship packages.

Dominance MMA Management prides itself on win-win negotiations that benefit both the fighter and the fight promoter. Dominance works hard to secure the best contract for fighters, with a negotiation style that understands the needs of the MMA fighter and the inner workings of the fight game.

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