Ali Abdelaziz was born in Cairo, Egypt into a family of Judo champions. Ali's training in Judo began at the age of six when he went to his first Judo training with a friend. The coach knew that Ali's family did not have the financial ability to pay for training, so the coach taught Ali for free. This coach's good deed was repaid in spades when at the age of ten he won the Junior Nationals for Judo fighters in Egypt. It was after this win that Ali moved into the Olympic Training Center in Cairo where they trained him to fight.

His dedication and determination were once again rewarded as it lead to his entry into the Olympics to compete at the age of seventeen, as well as five National championships and four African Pan Am victories. Making the move to the US at the age of eighteen to train at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Ali furthered his Judo training, while going to school and supporting his family in Egypt.

One day, Ali made a trip to see Greg Jackson and John Winkeljohn at the training camp in New Mexico. Ali immediately embraced MMA and soon devoted his life to training MMA. In 2004, Ali was offered his first MMA fight at the Ring of Fire, his career continued with fights in Japan with K-1 Heroes. It was in 2007 that Ali wanted to enhance his training with specialized instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Renzo Gracie Academy was that place of higher learning. Ali acclimated to the academy quickly and began in earnest his practice of the art of Jiu-Jitsu. It was in 2008, that Ali found himself in the midst of great athletes all of whom wanted to take their game to the next level. He began to capitalize on the contacts made thus far in the MMA industry and the negotiations for fighters started. The contracts and sponsorships rolled in and Dominance MMA Management was born. Ali is the MMA Manager of choice for Team Renzo Gracie and Champions the world over.

Today, Ali works and lives in New York City. As a hub for all things business, NYC is the base from which Dominance operates. With contacts throughout the MMA industry, Dominance MMA Management is proud of the relationships built thus far. Dominance is growing everyday - building more relationships, securing bigger and better contracts and earning more sponsorship packages. Dominance MMA Management prides itself on win-win negotiations that benefit both the fighter and the fight promoter. Ali works hard to secure the best contract for his fighters with a negotiation style that understands the needs of the MMA fighter and the inner workings of the fight game.