Our Company

Ali Abdelaziz

President & Founder

Ali has been managing top fighters for the past couple of decades now. He has a plethora of contacts throughout the industry and has formed some amazing relationships throughout his journey. If Ali isn't with his family or negotiating contracts, you will find him on the mats rolling with his clients. Not often do you see a manager on the mats, but Ali isn't your typical manager. He can relate to his clients on a different level, which has given Dominance a family-like culture.
A good friend doesn't try to break up a fight. A good friend comes in with a flying kick.
- Renzo Gracie

Rizvan Magomedov

President of Dominance MMA Russia

Leading professional athletes to the highest level since 2012. Specializing in MMA industry.
Be brave, be bold and above all be honest, some people will hate you and some will love you but they will all see the real you.
- Renzo Gracie

Rafael "Sapo" Natal

President of Dominance MMA Brazil

One of the more experienced fighters you will meet, Rafael brings his years of industry expertise to the Dominance MMA Management family.
Fighting is the best thing a man can have in his soul.
- Renzo Gracie

Build relationships

Our network

Dominance MMA Management is proud of the relationships it has built thus far. Our clients are like family to us.

Secure max contracts

With top organizations

As hard as it is dealing with countless hours of training, our clients have relied on us to handle their contract negotiations. Whether it is with the UFC, WSOF, or any other professional organization, our years of experience in the industry enable us to secure max contracts for all of our fighters.

Earn sponsorships

Sponsorships & endorsements

We leverage data to secure sponsorship deals for our fighters. Nowadays, there are so many platforms to reach consumers. We help our clients with content distribution and brand partnerships. Visit our sponsor page to see some of the brands we work with.

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